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Horne & Kritser

Most of all, I remember...When our wedding day came around and it was time for me to walk down the aisle, I had a few butterflies. But as soon as I was able to hold John’s hand I immediately felt a calm and excitement come over me. I remember holding his hand during most of the ceremony and feeling very blessed.

During the reception I absolutely loved when the costume box came out! From that moment on, everyone let their hair down and really started having a good time. I remember looking at all my friends and family and seeing their smiles and joy. It was a great feeling because I knew they were celebrating our marriage.

But most of all I remember the overwhelming love and support we received from our parents, family and friends. We were showered with kisses, hugs, and words of congratulations and best wishes. It is a wonderful memory!



Kate and Marcus' Engagement

Most of all, I remember... Marcus took me to my favorite sushi restaurant for our fist date. It just so happened to be his favorite place as well. When we ordered drinks, he ordered the same drink as I did. At first I thought he was just doing it to be sweet, but it really is one of his favorite drinks also! Throughout the night, our conversation was wonderful. It felt like we shared the same ideas and dreams.

I knew I would marry Marcus after that first date. I can’t really explain how I knew he was the one, it was just a feeling that I had. I remember coming home after the date was over and calling my sister and one of my best friends (who was also the matchmaker) and telling them both that he was the one. I was right!



Megan and Chris Featured on Style Me Pretty

We're so excited to see Megan and Chris' Four Seasons Austin wedding featured on Style Me Pretty! We'd love for you to peek at the entire post:




Natalie & Brandon's Engagement

Most of all, I remember... I met Brandon when I was a sophomore at Westlake High School. He was a junior at the time, and was in an art class with one of my girl friends. We were at the usual Friday night football game when she pointed out the "cute boy" in her class. We made eye contact from across the stands, and we both had an instant crush. It didn't take long before we were "going out", and have been together ever since.

One of the first trips we took together was with his family to their lake house in Marble Falls. While we had only been dating for three months, I told him then that I thought it would be a really beautiful place to get engaged one day. He took note of that and held onto it for nine years. After spending a day on the lake with our closest friends, we were all in the kitchen preparing dinner when he called me outside on the balcony to help him get the grill started. When I walked out, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was completely shocked! Of course, I said "YES!" We went inside and surprised our friends, and called our families. The next morning we got up and drove to Austin to have lunch and champagne with our parents and siblings.

The fact that we were both in T-shirts and shorts, (and I was without make-up!) is my favorite part. I have never felt more secure than I do with Brandon. We both cherish the foundation that we have built over the years, and nothing feels better than knowing I have the unconditional support from my best friend for the rest of my life. I am incredibly blessed and can't wait to marry him!

- Natalie