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Myers & Ratliff

Most of all, I remember...walking down the aisle and having hundreds of family and friends looking back at me with such love, excitement and support on their faces. I remember seeing my family members dancing on the lawn under the twinkle lights. I remember old friends laughing together on the porch. I remember people running towards the chocolate chip cookies and having milk mustaches. I remember I felt so alive as I was dancing with our wedding party on the dance floor. But, most of all, I remember all of the happiness. Everywhere I turned, joy radiated from each guest’s face, and that was my favorite memory.

Of course there would not have been a wedding without a proposal! Brad proposed on a drizzly August morning in Crested Butte, Colorado. He convinced me to take a morning hike among the Aspen trees and wildfires, so we set out in our rain jackets. Soon after, the drizzle turned to a cold rain shower, and I pleaded with him for us to turn around. We stopped for a rest, and I thought he was searching for water. However, he took out a small box. Kneeling with the mountains behind him, he proposed while I shook with uncontrollable excitement. After I said "YES!" we stood there, damp, cold and very happy while the showers subdued. As we finished the hike, I remembered thinking he was able to capture every idea I had ever had about my proposal, but was never able to articulate. It was perfect in its simplicity and sincerity.

-Anne Marie