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Brynne & Andrew's Houston Wedding featured in the Knot Texas Magazine!

We're so honored to have Brynne & Andrew's gorgeous Houston wedding featured in the latest issue of the Knot Texas Magazine! I can't wait to share more images--and sweet memories from Brynne-- about their stunning and unforgettable wedding soon...



6 Years Ago,Today... Andrea Little & Matt Gentle

Most if all, I remember...I knew there was something different about my and Matt's relationship very early on. It was just so comfortable. The lifetime type of love. Then after about a year of dating his mom passed away very suddenly, and while we were sitting in his car after her funeral he just looked at me and said, "I'm just so sad she didn't get to see us get married." That was the first time either of us vocalized what we probably both felt about our relationship from the beginning - that it was forever. And from that moment on I knew for sure. About six months later he proposed at a restaurant downtown and then he surprised me with an impromptu engagement party with all our closest friends that night.

What I remember from the wedding how nervous I was before the ceremony. I think I was literally shaking walking down the aisle. But when I got to the end and the paster started talking I put my head on my dad's shoulder, looked at Matt, and the most overwhelming sense of joy came over me. I was just so incredibly happy to be marrying this man. I remember the energy I felt walking into the reception and how my girlfriends and I danced through dinner. I remember my family dancing through the entire song of "We are Family" in a big group hug. But most of all I remember how humbling it was to see all the people that took time out of their busy lives to come and celebrate with us and just how special it felt to have all of our favorite people in the world in one room.

Six years ago I really thought that I loved Matt as much as I possibly could. But now I know now that I had no idea just how deep that love would grow. I had no idea how I would get teary eyed just thinking about one minute without him as my partner, closest ally, and center of this life we have created as the Gentles. Six years ago I also thought that having him as my husband was the greatest thing in the world, but seeing him as a father to our two sons brings me more happiness than I ever could have imagined. I am just so proud of him. And I am certain his mom is proud too.



Junebug Weddings Best of the Best Engagement Photo Collection!

We're thrilled that this photo of Natalie & Brandon was published today as part of Junebug Wedding's Honorable Mention - Romantic and Intimate Images collection on What Junebug Loves!




Parker & Beeson

I'm remembering and celebrating an absolutely unforgettable night at the Esperanza Resort one year ago today with Amy and Michael.

Happy Anniversary, you two!


Most of all, I remember...I had wanted to get married in Cabo for as long as I could remember, and it truly could not have been a more beautiful or more perfect day. It had rained the night before, so when I woke up that morning and pulled the curtains back, I was thrilled to see that it was gorgeous out. The sun was shining and the ocean was sparkling below, and I just knew it was going to be the best day of my life.

My suite overlooked the site where our ceremony was going to be held, so I got to watch it all come together while I was getting dressed. My sister, and maid of honor, and all of my best friends joined me for champange and some treats from the hotel while I finished preening, and everyone was kind enough to stand in awe when I finally walked out in my dress!

My father passed away when I was in high school, so I had asked one of my very best friends' dad to walk me down the aisle. It was the perfect choice and I couldn't have been happier to have him at my side. When I finally met Michael at the altar, the feeling was unbelieveable. I was so excited to see him and couldn't wait to say "I do." During the planning, I had made an effort to make sure that our outdoor ceremony still felt like we were in a church. The Beesons had been kind enough to fly our Episcopalian minister in from Houston to officiate the service. The florist made us a custom floral cross that was breathtaking and even had pillows made just for me and Michael so that we could kneel during the Lord's Prayer. All of those details really made the ceremony so meaningful to both of us and I am very greatful to everyone for making it happen.

We said our vows again with just our families in front of a Mexican Justice of the Peace with one of Michael's best friends translating. For something that was a mere formality to make things legal, it turned out to be pretty special too and I loved getting to say "Si!" when she asked if I would take Michael as my husband. We joined everyone for cocktails and danced to our first song, "That's How Strong My Love Is" by Otis Redding, while everyone took their seats for dinner on the terrace. We even had a super moon overhead to provide some spectacular waves crashing on the rocks. There may have been a bit of a splash zone, but it was all so beautiful, no one cared.

My Mom gave the most perfect toast before dinner, of course aimed at telling Michael just how lucky he was to have found me. We had an amazing meal, followed up by wedding cakes, two fire-works shows, and a hell of a good time on the dance floor. It was magical and I couldn't feel luckier or prouder that it all actually happened.