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Counting Down to Claire & Clint's Wedding

It's rare to have something as magical as a rainbow appear during an engagement shoot, so the rainbow that peeked out for a bit during Claire Jones and Clint Black's session was a total treat. We are thrilled to be counting down to their upcoming wedding!


Most of all, I remember...
Clint and I had flown up together for the 4th of July to Beaver Creek, Colorado. Clint had told me prior to the trip that he was only going to be able to stay for the holiday and that he had to fly back home early for work.  I was really disappointed that we weren’t going to be able to spend the entire weekend together, but I understood.

Little did I know everything Clint had planned out to surprise me! He pretended to leave early from Colorado. He even had a fake itinerary for his flight back to Texas. However, when the cab came to take him to the airport to return home, it didn’t take him to the airport – it took him down the road to a hotel where his parents and brother were waiting in secret. He also had my best friend there, so that she could experience the weekend with me.

During the day, while I was sad thinking Clint had returned back to Texas, he was setting up a gazebo in the park with flowers and photographer. My entire family knew what was going on. I went into town with my sister and she brought me back through the park. Clint was waiting there with his back turned, but as soon as I realized who it was, I ran towards him! He proposed to me right then and I could hear my family cheering from the balcony of our house nearby.

We went back and I was completely surprised to see Clint’s family and my best friend were also there to celebrate. We all had dinner together that night and enjoyed the rest of the holiday weekend together. I was 100% surprised and I still can’t believe he pulled it all off!