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Most of all, I remember... As Jon and I sat in traffic on the way home from Dallas, we decided we would take our usual Green Belt weekend picnic/hike once we got back to Austin to let Bonnie, our dog, stretch her legs. I tried to talk Jon into going to a friends house for a cook out, but he unassumingly convinced me into the hike.  We dropped our things off, got the picnic basket ready, and jumped in the truck.

Jon led the way through the Green Belt hiking trails.  We eventually landed at the beautiful look out point we went to on our third date back in March 2012.  We spent hours there that day quizzing each other, trying to learn more about each other.  It was the perfect place for Jon to propose.

I sat down as Jon tied Bonnie to a tree.  As I was enjoying hummus and a glass of wine, Jon sat down next to me.  He looked at me, and asked, "What would you do if someday was today?" I chuckled and said, "I would probably die." I didn't believe that "someday" was going to be that day.  "Someday" was a running joke with us referring to the day we would get engaged.

Jon took my hand and asked me to move away from the cliff face we had our feet dangling over.  Jon got down on one knee, and from that point on, I can only remember repeating the word "YES".