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Miller & Fore'; An Anniversary Post

Most of all, I remember... It's hard to believe Courtney and Joesph are already celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to you both! I really enjoyed looking back over my favorites from your beautiful, beautiful day.



Bulhon & Collins

Most of all, I remember… When we think back to our wedding, there are three memories that stick out the most in our minds. The first is, the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. It is so cliché, but it was amazing to have so many family and friends in one room enjoying toasts, memories and good food! The next is, is getting ready before the wedding with our friends and waiting to see each other. It was such an exciting time. Lastly, we remember the ceremony. This was the part we probably focused the least on during our planning, but we remember being up there during the ceremony together the most vividly. We enjoyed that time and moment together most of all!

-Julia and Vannie