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Wendy & Ray

Most of all, I remember... looking into the eyes of the boy who won me over in the back of his blue pickup truck when I was just 16 years old.  Even then he was kind, gentle smart and thought I was beautiful.

We were a very young couple, in love, getting married at the Denton courthouse with a few friends present. Our life has progressed with many amazing accomplishments and a few snags In the road as well. All the while, our love for one another has never been in question.

In fact, after 42 years it's kind of taken for granted, although I realize how lucky I am to love so deeply and be loved back with the same passion.

I have to say that I had no idea what an impact seeing the pictures would have on me. I did not realize how important they would be for me not only looking back, but more importantly, also looking forward.

One day---hopefully when we are much much older--we will no longer be together. The pictures are so "us" that I will forever see and feel Ray's love, conjure up all the millions of small moments that has made our life so meaningful and full of smiles.The years that have passed seemed to stand still.