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Callie's Bridal Portrait Session

Most of all, I remember... I love that we started Callie's bridal portrait at her Grandmother's former home in Austin. It is so special to get to photograph at a location that had significance and meaning for Callie and her awesome mom, Jill. Next, we headed over to the classically lovely Laguna Gloria. Callie's contagious laughter, her stunning intricately beaded gown from Blush Bridal and her inner and outer beauty all came together to make this bridal portrait! (and the Christian Louboutins didn't hurt either.) Thank you, Callie and Jill. We loved every moment with you, your friends and family.



Katherine Farmer's Bridal Portraits

Most of all, I remember... This chilly weather is reminding me of the beautiful winter day we created Katherine Famer's bridal portraits at Laguna Gloria We photographed her both inside, using the Art Deco architecture and that blue velvet sofa, and also outside, on the grounds of Laguna Gloria. I love how at certain moments it seems like she's in Italy, and at others, as if she's in an English Garden. We finished the portrait session at Tarrytown United Methodist where the wedding ceremony was held.

For display at her wedding to Nathan Thornhill, we created an oil-glazed portrait that was both a photograph and a painting. We love creating these one-of-a-kind original art pieces for our clients.

Katherine is beautiful in every way a person can be. Being her wedding photographer was a true joy and I am so excited to some of our favorite bridals of her today!



Vendor Team: Event Designer & Planner: Barbara Shorts of  Verve,  Florist: David Kurio Makeup: Denise Vasquez Hair: Carolyn Taylor Holden




Most of all, I remember... Maura had something specific in mind for her bridal portrait. Instead of  carrying a bouquet, we  focused solely on highlighting her beautiful art deco style complemented by Laguna Gloria's gorgeous architecture. We collaborated, creating  portraits that were timeless that at the same time felt very "her." In Maura's non-bride life, she's an M.D.,  working hard to take care of others. Although she wasn't used to being the center of attention, she patiently held different poses and tried different expressions.  The whole experience was fun and so special for us, from creating the portraits to seeing the finished framed art pieces displayed at her wedding. Thank you to Maura and Matt and to their families for this wonderful time with you all!


Hair and Makeup by Rae Cosmetics


Rachel & Sam

Most of all, I remember... We don't always have the chance to create engagement portraits, but even with Sam and Rachel's busy schedules--including Rachel training for and completing The 2017 Boston Marathon (!)--we got to spend some time together making these.  It was an incredible Austin evening and we were able to incorporate both their love for downtown Austin and LadyBird Lake. While we made sure to get those classic portraits with Rachel and Sam looking at the camera,  it was the moments that Rachel and Sam were after, and the moments between them that got me as well. I'm sharing a few of my favorites below. Are you considering an engagement session? Why or why not?



Robin Choban Han's Bridal Portrait

Most of all, I remember... You might recognize Robin--gorgeous inside and out--from the opening image of our new website. Her wedding was also featured on Grace Ormonde and on Carolina Herrera's  site! When Robin decided to book the Commodore Perry Estate for her bridal session, I knew we would have fun creating a beautiful bridal portrait for her. When she selected a full length image taken in the corner of the wood-walled room at the Estate, we were excited. (The famous portrait artist Irving Penn has a series of his portrait subjects in a corner, which I love.) Then, seeing her bridal portrait printed, framed, lit and on display at the historic Driskill Hotel left me almost speechless! There's nothing quite like seeing an image go from your computer screen to becoming a piece of wall art.  I'll never forget the wonderful time we got to spend with Robin as she married Jeff and became Mrs. Han!


Dress - Carolina Herrera, Earrings - Mikimoto, Hair Comb - Carolina Herrera, Shoes - Jimmy Choo, Hair and Makeup - Adore Makeup Boutique and Salon Floral- Coby Neal/ The Flower Studio Event Planning: Platinum Weddings  Wedding Ceremony and Reception: The Driskill Hotel, Austin



Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!



The Readings' Fall Family Session with Twins, Aiden and Daughtry

 Most of all, I remember... Jim and I got to be with and photograph Kate and Marcus when they married several years ago at a family ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas. Because they are two of the sweetest people you could ever meet, the time we spent with them was unforgettable and wonderful. Seeing two people you like and admire get married is a complete experience in and of itself, but getting to see Kate and Marcus as parents to their beautiful twin boys, Aiden and Daughtry--and spending time with them during our family photo session--was also deeply fun and meaningful! Thank you, Readings!

-Jenn and Jim


Wendy & Ray

Most of all, I remember... looking into the eyes of the boy who won me over in the back of his blue pickup truck when I was just 16 years old.  Even then he was kind, gentle smart and thought I was beautiful.

We were a very young couple, in love, getting married at the Denton courthouse with a few friends present. Our life has progressed with many amazing accomplishments and a few snags In the road as well. All the while, our love for one another has never been in question.

In fact, after 42 years it's kind of taken for granted, although I realize how lucky I am to love so deeply and be loved back with the same passion.

I have to say that I had no idea what an impact seeing the pictures would have on me. I did not realize how important they would be for me not only looking back, but more importantly, also looking forward.

One day---hopefully when we are much much older--we will no longer be together. The pictures are so "us" that I will forever see and feel Ray's love, conjure up all the millions of small moments that has made our life so meaningful and full of smiles.The years that have passed seemed to stand still.



The Bentley Family

Loved getting to do this wintry family session last December with the Bentleys! It was featured recently on the beautiful "Grey Likes Baby" blog:  http://www.greylikesbaby.com/photography-2/fabulous-family-in-open-space/.

Not only are the Bentleys  the sweetest family you could ever meet, Trina happens to be the uber talented founder of the graphic design firm: Make and Matter.

We love photographing families, and have 2 slots open in September and 2 in October. Those months are a great time to start thinking of holiday gifts and cards, before the holiday rush sets in, and there is no time left to do much of anything except breathe and wrap presents! Call or text me at 512.576.2889 for more info about our family sessions and to reserve a slot.

Thank you,



The New Mrs. Shands

We are so happy for Elizabeth and Rob! What an incredible celebration and couple! Here are a handful of our favorites from Elizabeth's recent bridal session.


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