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Noel & Richardson

Most of all, I remember.... I pretty much knew that Mark was "the one" the second we started hanging out. I'd always had a big fat crush on him all of high school - which was publicly known, embarrassing - but I just knew early on we'd end up together even if it took us 10 years to realize. Mark is respected and loved by everyone that knows him so it was impossible not to feel the same way. Trust is a big thing with me, I always say that I'd trust Mark in a room with 100 women, and I mean it! Plus he's not bad to look at either :)

We had a trip planned to NYC to visit my best friend and her then boyfriend, now husband. A few weeks before the trip I had a feeling he was planning something. I'm a total control freak and had him look me in the eye and promise he wouldn't propose in NYC - I wanted it to be in a place where my family could be there to celebrate with us! What girl tries to control her engagement? Me! (Sorry, Mark). With a straight face he made the promise (should I be worried?) so the surprise wouldn't be ruined but he already had the whole thing planned.

On the second night of the trip, we were going to Brooklyn. I have a terrible fear of heights but somehow agreed to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (total tourists) and we grabbed a drink in a little cafe. Mark was rushing the waiter--which was completely out of character-- and was insisting we went to walk down in the park by the water. I obliged as long as I had my beverage! Once we were down by the water overlooking Manhattan, I turned around and Mark was down on one knee! Then, finally, we met up with his cousin (an amazing photographer who captured the evening for us,) and his cousin's girlfriend, who were totally  in on it.

Mark led us over to a park where my parents and friends were waiting for us as a surprise! We gorged at a delicious dinner and celebrated that night. How Mark managed to plan an engagement and get my parents to NYC as part of the surprise remains a mystery.

One of my favorite memories from our wedding is when Mark played on the drums on stage at our reception! This was a total surprise (to both him and me) and SO fun. It was great to see all of our friends and family truly in awe of his skills and I was fangirling!! A lot of my friends from college had no idea he was so talented. Plus it legitimized that awesome drum set groom's cake. When we walked into the reception space after the ceremony  and saw the beautiful transformation of Brazos Hall, we couldn't wait for our friends and family to see it. We were ready to relax and have a great time!


With these talented vendors: 36th Street EventsCovenant Presbyterian Church, Brazos Hall, Rae Cosmetics, Marquee Rentals, Mason Jar Films, Merveille Flowers & Events, Ilios Lighting, Crave Catering, Sauce the Band, Sweet Treets, R&R Transportation, Bobalu Cigar Co., Capitol Pedicab


Klatt & Wallace

Most of all, I remember... When I think back to our wedding, there are so many amazing memories it is hard to pick my favorites! One of our favorite moments was the first look outside on the lawn at the Four Seasons. I had been completely calm and relaxed all day getting ready with all of my friends. When I put on my wedding dress and heard that Scott was waiting for me on the lawn, it finally hit me that such an important and special moment in my life was about to happen. I met him out on the lawn and tapped him on the shoulder and the look on his face is an image that I'll never forget. We were both overcome with emotion and we were so happy to share a sweet moment just the two of us before the craziness of the day took off.

Another one of both of our favorite memories from the day was when I walked down the aisle. As the trumpet sounded and the doors to the church opened, I remember an overwhelming feeling of love. Walking with my dad I was able to see the beaming faces of everyone who mattered most to us all in one place to witness our union. I then saw my groom's smiling face at the end of the aisle and I felt so excited. Scott talks about how this moment particularly is his favorite memory. He remembers it feeling so surreal and momentous. He felt excited and jittery and could not believe it was actually happening.

While we had the time of our lives dancing the night away with all of our friends and family, our final favorite memory occurred when it was time to exit and we had one last dance, just the two of us. It was the perfect way to wind down from the craziness of the reception, and soak in the final minutes of the most wonderful night of our lives. We were filled with joy and love for each other and gratitude for our family and friends and still reminisce about it all the time.


Ceremony Location - Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Reception Venue - The Four Seasons Austin, Officiant - Kathleen Pfister, Makeup - Denise Vasquez Makeup, Hair - Carolyn Taylor, Rentals - Marquee Event Group, Caterer - The Four Seasons, Flowers - Westbank Flower Market, Cake - Simon Lee Bakery, Videographer - Crescent Video Productions, Band - Icehouse Band, Calligraphy - Terry Gaus, Lighting - FILO Productions, Transportation - Uptown Valet


Butt & Gromus

I could relive this wedding 1000 times and still want to do it again! Maggie Gillespie Designs always collaborates with her clients to create the most beautiful and warm weddings. She is such an amazing talent, as a designer and as a florist! This wedding was just featured in theKnot.com and I wanted to share even more here.

I love how the Butts brought in rugs from their family home and how those paired with furniture and the glow of the tall candles on the tables. There we so many thoughtful details, including the handmade bud vases as favors. (In fact, Hillary and her mom have a store with many lovingly curated, beautiful and unusual things in Fredericksburg that you have to visit! It's called  East Hills.)

Last but definitely not least, the love, affection and respect between Hillary and Tom, and their family and friends, was magic.


Event Planner & Floral Designer - Maggie Gillespie Designs, Ceremony Location - Christ Episcopal Church, Reception Site - The Argyle, Videography - Mason Jar Films, , Officiant - Rev. Patrick Gahan and Rev. Jeff Hammond, Gown - Rivini from Julian Gold, Hair & Makeup - Brandy PateLauren Burdett and Sierra Scerato, Shoes - TOMS, Engagement and Wedding Rings - Dennis Jewelry Company, Bridesmaids Dresses - Bella Bridesmaids, Menswear - Nordstroms, Stationary - You're Invited, Rentals - Illusions Rentals & Designs, Catering - The Argyle, Cake - Sophie's Bakery, Inc., Dessert - Rebecca Jennings, Music - Limelight, Favors - Material Good, Registry - Hanley Wood


Miller & Rice

Most of all, I remember... Tripp proposed to me the way that every girl dreams of! Six months ahead of time we planned a trip to Bermuda because we knew that after Labor Day, we would not be able to escape the big city until Christmas time. The week before we left, of course, there was not one but two hurricanes headed straight for Bermuda. I could not figure out why Tripp was stressing out so much, but I would soon find out!

Despite the Hurricane forecast we took off for Bermuda the Tuesday before Labor Day in 2010. We spent the next day on the beach, with a hurricane warning looming over our heads. The day was absolutely beautiful and we didn't see a single drop of rain. That night, Tripp wanted to venture off of our hotel property and check out the famous Coral Beach Club. A friend from home was a member, and we were able to visit as his guests. We planned to go for cocktails and a walk along the beach at sunset. Once we arrived, we were told that the main entrance to the beach was closed because there was a small British wedding happening just below the steps. Plan foiled...not! We found another entrance through a slightly rougher terrain, and we finally made it down to the beach.

We walked the shore from end to end, trying to kill time while the wedding was wrapping up. We walked for what seemed like forever, and finally, the wedding was over. To Tripp’s disappointment, the reception began right in the spot that he’d planned to propose. We stood there for a few minutes, just watching in silence. Suddenly, in true Currie-oblivious fashion, I looked at Tripp and said "What are we doing just standing here? We should probably go get another drink and head back to the hotel for dinner." He told me he wanted to keep walking to the other end of the beach and so I acquiesced.

We walked past the little wedding to the very end of the beach. Tripp started making all of these really sweet comments...which was not too out of the ordinary, but I was a little surprised at the time. Then all of a sudden, he dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in such shock—I asked him if he was serious. Of course I said YES, and then he put the most beautiful ring on my finger. When we turned around to head back to the beach club, the entire wedding had been watching our most special moment. The photographer was taking pictures! All of the British women in their little hats came running up to us for hugs and taking more pictures. We even posed with the bride and groom! One of the funniest moments of our lives and absolutely perfect!

Of course after everything happened, I wanted to know how long he had been thinking about this and how he had planned everything. He admitted that he had pulled it all together in just three weeks...what a guy! Needless to say, we were the happiest people in the world and continue to be so happy as we begin our married life together!



Blackstone & Britt

Most of all, I remember...Harris and I'll had celebrated our 3 year dating anniversary, and we were definitely starting to talk about getting married--but he always told me he wanted to wait until after he graduated college. On April 2nd, he took me to his parents house on the Guadalupe River in Hunt, Texas, about two hours outside of Austin. I was going with him to Houston to spend Easter with his family and he said he wanted to go out there just for one night to rest and have some down time before the holiday.

Soon after we got there he was asking me to go on a hike that we had done before a couple of times. It’s a pretty steep hill to climb and there is a cypress wood cross at the top. I didn’t feel like going hiking so he had to convince me. He said since it was Good Friday and we weren’t going to a church service we should take our Bible’s and read. I thought it sounded great so I went with it. We canoed down the river to get to the starting point of the hike and when I grabbed for Harris’s backpack, he snapped at me and asked if I could help paddle. I was a little like, “whoa…ok, ok” but I didn’t think anything of it.

We finally got to the top and sat and he pulled a gift wrapped box out from his backpack. He said, “I just wanted to get you a little something for Easter.” It wasn’t shaped like a ring box so I wasn’t suspicious. I opened it and it was a Bible. He had it monogrammed with my new names, “Kristin Britt” on the front cover. I read it and was so confused but when I looked up he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so fun to sit up there and talk about how he had been lying to me for weeks getting the ring and flying to Baton Rouge to ask my parents for permission to marry me. Then we drove right back to Austin and all of our friends and his family were at a hotel bar in downtown Austin to celebrate with us. It was the perfect night!

- Kristin


Bond & Bloomingdale

Most of all, I remember... James was traveling to Dallas often for work, so a mutual friend suggested that he and I meet since I was living there and that the two of us could have dinner, go have a drink, and get to know one another. We started emailing a bit, but the night we were supposed to meet a tornado warning was issued. The sirens put James in his hotel bathtub, while I had cocktails on the patio with my mom and we watched the storm roll in.

Later we were both in New York at the same time, but we managed to miss each other again. Finally I had an itch to move back to Los Angeles when I got a job offer at a fashion PR firm there and I decided to take it. I told James I would have to meet him on his own turf some day soon.

I moved to LA on May 30, 2011 and on June 7th James picked me up for a dinner date at the Sunset Tower. We finally met in person for the first time. The rest, as they say, is history!



A Ranch Wedding Kiss

Never get tired of looking at this beautiful moment from Sarah & Steven's Ranch wedding! It was such a luxury to have this time they set aside so that we could wander the ranch and document their radiant love. If you have the opportunity to set aside 15-20 minutes of time to share privately with your wedding photographer on your wedding day--do it! Please.  I don't think you'll regret it.



Spears & Walker

Most of all, I remember… when I look back on our wedding day, there are a few memories that stick out the most in my mind. I loved my first dance with Kevin. We danced to "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, and by the end of the song all of the guests were singing along with the band! It was so special!

I also loved getting to take communion as a first act of marriage. We had Jimmy McNeil preform "How Deep the Father's Love for Us," while we took communion and our pastor, Mark, prayed over us. It was a great time for us to reflect on the true meaning of marriage.

Our friends and family sure know how to cut a rug. We had the best time dancing the night away, and our band, Blind Date, had their band members dancing on the tables at one point! We had the time of our lives!!


With Event Prouction & Planner: Verve Austin Events - Barbara Shorts, Ceremony Site: Smith Family Chapel, Minister Mark Zeiller, Hyde Park Strings, Blind Date Austin, Westbank Flower Market, The Cake Plate - Scott Calvert, Calligrapher - Teri Gaus, Uptown Valet, R&R Limo Buses, Townsley Designs, Marquee Rentals, FILO, Makeup - Denise Vasquez, Candle Light Film, Painter - Jennie, Paper Place, Personally Yours, Antique Car Rentals


Price & Jinks

Most of all, I remember… John and I both loved the music at our wedding ceremony. It was so special and intimate to have my aunt play the piano and to have my cousin sing an original and extremely memorable solo for us. The Texas Choral Concert ended the ceremony with a classic acoustic rendition of Little Drummer Boy, which really set the tone for our Christmas themed reception.

Santa was really just the icing on the cake at our reception! I loved seeing how surprised our guests were to see elves and Santa himself appear with full Christmas gear and cheer for us all.  Watching our guests go crazy over the North Pole and taking turns sitting on Santa's lap, was hilarious. We had so much fun indulging in all of the tasty winter-themed treats, especially Santa's milk shakes.

After the seated dinner, the band did a great job moving everyone to the dance floor. They delivered a power-house performance and even held a dance-off competition for our guests. It was so fun to see everyone let loose and dance. John and I ended the competition with our own little dance-off, which we still laugh about. One of my most memorable moments was the last dance of the evening. Real snow fell during the last song creating a magical and romantic winter wonderland. It was the perfect ending to a dreamy evening and I felt like John and I were the only one's in the entire ballroom!


With Brock + Co. Events, Heirloom Hangers, Four Seasons Hotel Austin, Central Christian Church,  Makeup by Adrienne, Marquee Rents, Roar Salon, Wally's Menswear, Wendee Sawran Petals + Decor, Jimmy Choo, Kenneth Pool, Dance Street Band, Carly Berryhill, Texas Choral Consort, Get the Picture, Full Spectrum Ice, Bella Bridesmaid, Amsale, Julian Gold Bridal, Kay Knight DesignsTownsley Designs, FILO Productions, & Simon Lee Bakery



Ana & Bill

I was beyond excited to see Ana & Bill's stunning wedding recently featured on Grey Likes Weddings. Ana is one of my favorite designers in the world, and besides her inspired wedding pictured below, you can also see her talent expressed through the thoughtful, modern and yet historically sensitive renovation of Hotel Ella. Can I live there, please?

I loved their wedding so much that I could not resist sharing a few more favorites. Ana and Bill, we're thankful to have been a part of it!

Most of all, I remember... Bill and I met at the University of Texas School of Law many years ago. Thankfully a close mutual friend reconnected us 17 years later.

I was so thrilled with how our wedding vision came together.  It felt right to get married at a The Saint Cecilia. It represents such a unique mix of all of our great loves: music, art, design, and Austin. We both love design driven hotels, and have stayed there on special occasions over the years.

Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of music, and we have strong affinity for music, with Bill’s ties to Austin City Limits and Lolla, it is a great match. We even stayed there overnight before the wedding to write our vows. We feel a deep connection to the property.

It was so amazing that Bob Schneider played two of our favorite songs for the ceremony. One of them (“The World Exploded in Love All Around Me”) is one of my all-time favorite songs and has been the soundtrack to many moments in my life, so it was an incredible gift for him to play that for us live as we exchanged rings.


It was wonderful to work with: Venue: Hotel Saint Cecilia // Event design and production: Suzanne Court Catering & Events // Catering: La Condessa/Suede // Music: Bob Schneider and Strings Attached // DJ: Frank Marshall // Sound: Audio Fish // Mariachi: Viajeros // Rentals: Marquee Rentals and Townsley Designs // Hair and Make up: Kiss My Face // Flowers: Fabian Salcedo // Video: CSE Capitol Sports & Entertainment // Lighting: Atomic Picnic // Transportation: Uptown Valet // Table runners: Dynamic Reprographics // Paper flags: Ay Mujer Shop // Printed Materials: Barclay Papers // Invitations: Bella Figura

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