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Happy Anniversary Caroline & Matthew!

Most of all, I remember...This unforgettable wedding! It's hard to believe that a year has passed since Caroline and Matthew's wedding! Happy, happy, anniversary to you! Hope to see you dancing at a wedding again soon.


All of these terrific vendors worked on this wedding: Arundel Ensemble, Barbara Shorts: Designer and Consultant–Verve Austin, Candlelight VideoDavid Kurio, Denise Vasquez MakeupFILO lightingFirst United Methodist ChurchFour Seasons HotelFull Spectrum Ice SculpturesHyde Park Strings, Laura Ja Co Salon, Pastor William Brazelton, Personally YoursSauce Band, The Paper PlaceThe Cake Plate, Townsley DesignsTransportation Consultants


Farmer & Reckling

Most of all, I remember... I am not sure if there is one specific moment that made me realize that I wanted to marry Matthew. I am not a girl that always had boyfriends or wanted one, I was fine on my own. But then Matthew and I went on a blind date and things changed. I knew he was special when he blessed the meal on our first date, when he would stay up to the wee hours of the night talking to me, (the night owl), and when we were so quickly able to say I love you. He is the most selfless and caring man, how could I not want to marry him?!

We are both so thankful for everyone who was there to celebrate with us and witness us make a commitment to God and each other! It was a perfect weekend full of family friends and love!

- Caroline