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Blackstone & Britt

Most of all, I remember...Harris and I'll had celebrated our 3 year dating anniversary, and we were definitely starting to talk about getting married--but he always told me he wanted to wait until after he graduated college. On April 2nd, he took me to his parents house on the Guadalupe River in Hunt, Texas, about two hours outside of Austin. I was going with him to Houston to spend Easter with his family and he said he wanted to go out there just for one night to rest and have some down time before the holiday.

Soon after we got there he was asking me to go on a hike that we had done before a couple of times. It’s a pretty steep hill to climb and there is a cypress wood cross at the top. I didn’t feel like going hiking so he had to convince me. He said since it was Good Friday and we weren’t going to a church service we should take our Bible’s and read. I thought it sounded great so I went with it. We canoed down the river to get to the starting point of the hike and when I grabbed for Harris’s backpack, he snapped at me and asked if I could help paddle. I was a little like, “whoa…ok, ok” but I didn’t think anything of it.

We finally got to the top and sat and he pulled a gift wrapped box out from his backpack. He said, “I just wanted to get you a little something for Easter.” It wasn’t shaped like a ring box so I wasn’t suspicious. I opened it and it was a Bible. He had it monogrammed with my new names, “Kristin Britt” on the front cover. I read it and was so confused but when I looked up he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so fun to sit up there and talk about how he had been lying to me for weeks getting the ring and flying to Baton Rouge to ask my parents for permission to marry me. Then we drove right back to Austin and all of our friends and his family were at a hotel bar in downtown Austin to celebrate with us. It was the perfect night!

- Kristin