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Happy Anniversary Kristen & Howard!

Today is Kristen & Howard Butt's anniversary, and we are so happy for them. I am right  in the middle of editing  Howard's sister's wedding--she got married earlier this month-- and I keep coming across images of Howard & Kristen and their beautiful and exuberant baby girl. That makes me smile. Howard & Kristen, I'll never forget this extraordinary day. Happy, happy Anniversary!


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Penick & Reading

Most of all, I remember...Marcus and I decided not to see each other before the ceremony, so the moment when I began walking down the aisle meant so much to me. I had dreamed about it since I was a little girl, and then, that moment had finally arrived and the perfect person for me was waiting at the end of aisle! It made the whole experience so emotional for me.

When the ceremony was over, we quickly got into our get away car, and headed to the reception site at the ranch. Before we knew it, it was time for us to walk across the bridge to be announced as “Mr. and Mrs.” I'll never forget this because it was the first time after the ceremony that we were able to see our friends and family and really share our happiness with them. It was kind of a “Yeah, we did it! Now let’s celebrate!” kind of feeling.

Our first dance was to “Kissed You Goodnight” by Gloriana. We had taken dance lessons, but our dance was not choreographed. I remember how awesome Marcus did during the first dance! Now, looking back at the photos, I absolutely adore seeing the faces of our loved ones watching on as we danced. Their faces say it all and they were overcome with joy for us.

But most of all I remember the feeling Marcus and I had being surrounded by so much love and support on our wedding day. It was amazing to look down the candle lit tables and see all the smiling faces so full of love and happiness for us on our wedding day.



Penick & Bell

Most of all, I remember... I have always been told you know it is true love if you can let it go and it comes back to you, but I would never take such a risk--that's just not in me! So when Steven proposed to me on a beach, all alone under a tent where we spent the night, I, of course, said "Yes!" It was so romantic.

When our wedding day arrived, I will never forget the beauty of the day, the sunlight, the warmth of the summer wind. It was the most perfect. One of the most memorable things from our wedding day was when a huge spider crawled up my dress and Steven saw it in between the tulle. Jenn, Jim, and Steven were all trying to get it out of my dress! Also, our first dance stands out to me. We had so much fun working on it together, and after all this time I can still put the song on and Steven literally remembers every step to our first dance.

Married life is wonderful! Steven and I have always felt married since we were together in college, so it doesn't feel that much different. We are both faculty at the university we met at. It is so much fun to call him when I am done with my class and say, hey I'm walking by where we fell in love, want to meet me at the spot where we first kissed??!! I know our adventure is just beginning. I am really excited for the next chapter in our love story. One important lesson I have learned is how blessed/fortunate/lucky I am to have found a person that is my one and only true love in this life.



Kate and Marcus Featured in The Knot!

We love seeing Kate & Marcus' Ranch wedding featured in the latest issue of the national Knot Magazine on newsstands now!