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Happy Anniversary, Allison & Zach!

Most of all, I remember... Being born on July 5th, my early birthday celebrations made me think that all of the fireworks were just for me. Even though I eventually learned they were actually celebrating America (in addition to my birthday), I still loved them, like a lot. Seriously. From our old apartment, Zach and I were be able to see the summer fireworks at Navy Pier. Every Wednesday and Saturday night, I'd run to the balcony to watch as soon as they started.

One Monday night last April, Zach told me that we were going to Navy Pier for a celebration for the Museum of Science and Industry's new exhibit. Since they weren't serving dinner, Zach said we'd turn it into a "date night" and made reservations at a restaurant on Navy Pier. After dinner, we walked along the pier towards the party and suddenly fireworks starting going off over the water. HUH? Summer fireworks were still months away…Zach said "Want to stop and watch?" and the next thing I remember Zach was down on one knee and holding a ring. People ask if I was surprised. Surprised? I'd say shocked! So shocked, that apparently forgot to say yes and instead kept asking "is this real?" over and over gain. I hear I even pinched myself before I said yes. But I did, I said YES.

Only later did I find out that my excitement over the summer fireworks had given Zach an idea, and he spent the next 6 months planning a night where the fireworks really were just for me. I'm so excited for a future full of love, big surprises, and many more fireworks.


With: Petal Pushers, The McNay Museum of Art, Aztec Rentals, TOP Band, Don Strange Catering, Signature Ice Designs, Cynthia Cakes, Polkadots, Mariachi Azucenas, CME and BP Lighting

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Most of all, I remember... Two and a half years after our first date, Andrew and I went out to my family’s place in Hunt, Texas for a (what I thought would be) quiet getaway weekend. Right before we got there, Andrew asked if we could go to the river to see it before it got dark. I thought this was a bit strange since it wasn’t going to get dark for another two hours, and told him we had plenty of time so there was no need to rush.

We pulled up, and my dad told me we HAD to go see the progress on a project we had been working on at the river, so I reluctantly agreed. (Still didn’t suspect a thing, although I was a little annoyed at everyone’s persistence.) Andrew and I made our way to the river, and I told him that it looked like nothing had changed and that we should go back up to the house. Before I could walk away, he stopped me and said he had something he wanted to say. I finally realized what was happening when Andrew reached for his pocket, and I was so shocked and excited that it apparently took me a minute to say YES!

We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with our entire families in Hunt, and it was absolutely perfect.


Hair: Debbie Gamble - Makeup: Denise Vasquez - Shoes: Badgley Mischka - Dress: Julian Gold Bridals/Romona Keveza - Flowers: Westbank Flower Market