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Whitney & Will

Most of all, I remember... I definitely knew early in our relationship that Will and I had found each other for a reason.  Will and I played tennis together when we were really young and actually both attended the same school in Houston growing up.  While I'm sure we passed each other in the halls at school, we do not really have many memories of each other from middle school or high school since we were in different grades and had different groups of friends.  Will says that this probably worked to his benefit!

Fast-forward to the summer of 2011.  I was living in Austin, and Will was living in Fort Worth.  We reconnected at the wedding of two mutual friends (shout out to Robert and Claire!) and immediately hit it off.  After a few weeks of chatting on the phone, we decided to meet up for a weekend in Austin, which included some tennis, a lot of time on the lake, and a "first date" where we were joined by Will's two brothers and two high school friends. Nothing says romance like sitting around the dinner table with five guys telling "war stories" so to speak.  I'm pretty sure Will thought there would be no second date after that, but I was completely amused.  Will and I continued to visit each other on weekends, which meant logging a lot of miles on I-35.  Those weekends were never long enough, but getting to spend a few days with Will every week or two made me feel like no matter what else was going on in my life, everything was going to be ok.  It did not take me long to realize that there was a reason Will and I ran into each other at that wedding and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.



Hood & Coleman

Most of all, I remember... Chris and I had been dating for over 6 years when we got engaged. I knew I wanted to marry him very early on, within the first year, but was never very rushed to get married. I think the “marriage” moment first hit me on a night we were sitting in the GWU library. I was finishing classes at GW, while already working full time, and was having a hard time concentrating on my final thesis. He dragged me to the library to buckle down, and sat there until I finished. His genuine care for me at the time was so apparent, that it made me love him so much.

Chris proposed to me at our favorite, and most special restaurant in DC, Komi. We have history there, and Chris knew that I would suspect something was up if I had known about the reservation ahead of time. We are friends with the owners, so Chris slyly sent me an email on the Monday before saying Anne had penciled us in for dinner that Friday. So I honestly just thought it was a spontaneous dinner date. Little did I know he had been emailing with Anne for weeks, and even brought the ring over early on Friday afternoon so Johnny could incorporate it into the dessert.

Chris somehow lasted the entire meal till dessert, to pop the question. The waiter brought out what I thought was our first dessert course, and placed it in front of me. He lifted off the lid, and smoke seeped out, and there was a ring on the chocolate dessert. I actually did not even notice the ring at first because I was just so excited to dive in to the deliciousness, but then Chris got up from around the table, and came over to me, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. The tears fell, and I was overwhelmed with joy. We actually didn’t even finish the dessert (which is rare for me) and Chris suggested we go celebrate with champagne at the Ritz Carlton Georgetown. He said it would just be us, and that we could call everyone after we had time to ourselves. When we walked in the Ritz bar, I saw my parents, and sister, and all our closest friends. It was truly a night to remember.Our wedding weekend was seriously the most memorable weekend, and I will cherish those memories forever. From the sewer pipes bursting at my parents house three days before the wedding, to one of my bridesmaids coming down with phenomena and not being able to fly in, a lot of little things went wrong. But there was nothing that could get in the way of my marrying Chris.

One of my favorite moments was definitely our first look. My bridesmaids and I all got ready at my parent’s house. When Chris came over, he was waiting for me on the front lawn. I remember walking down those steps, so nervous I would cry, and when I saw him, he got tears in his eyes. I am always the one to cry, not him! I will never forget the look on his face, or how handsome he looked at that very moment, or the precious words we shared with each other.

I will also never forget the feeling I had walking down the aisle after we got married. I remember looking around at the crowd, and seeing all the people that were surrounding us. We have family and friends coast to coast, and it was an overwhelming feeling to think that they traveled to this very spot just to see us. I am still overwhelmed by that feeling to this day, that we have so many people who truly care about us.

I also will always remember my first dance with my dad. It was so special to have some private time with him (only while 200 people are watching you!) and tell him how lucky I was to have him as my dad, and how much I loved him.

I definitely will also always remember our first dance. Chris and I danced to Van Morrison’s “Days Like This”, which was upbeat and just very “us”. Chris always loves to try and dip me. I was so scared he would do this, despite me telling him not to, and I would fall, or my dress would rip, but he somehow managed to pull it off!



Megan and Chris Featured on Style Me Pretty

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