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Miller & Rice

Most of all, I remember... Tripp proposed to me the way that every girl dreams of! Six months ahead of time we planned a trip to Bermuda because we knew that after Labor Day, we would not be able to escape the big city until Christmas time. The week before we left, of course, there was not one but two hurricanes headed straight for Bermuda. I could not figure out why Tripp was stressing out so much, but I would soon find out!

Despite the Hurricane forecast we took off for Bermuda the Tuesday before Labor Day in 2010. We spent the next day on the beach, with a hurricane warning looming over our heads. The day was absolutely beautiful and we didn't see a single drop of rain. That night, Tripp wanted to venture off of our hotel property and check out the famous Coral Beach Club. A friend from home was a member, and we were able to visit as his guests. We planned to go for cocktails and a walk along the beach at sunset. Once we arrived, we were told that the main entrance to the beach was closed because there was a small British wedding happening just below the steps. Plan foiled...not! We found another entrance through a slightly rougher terrain, and we finally made it down to the beach.

We walked the shore from end to end, trying to kill time while the wedding was wrapping up. We walked for what seemed like forever, and finally, the wedding was over. To Tripp’s disappointment, the reception began right in the spot that he’d planned to propose. We stood there for a few minutes, just watching in silence. Suddenly, in true Currie-oblivious fashion, I looked at Tripp and said "What are we doing just standing here? We should probably go get another drink and head back to the hotel for dinner." He told me he wanted to keep walking to the other end of the beach and so I acquiesced.

We walked past the little wedding to the very end of the beach. Tripp started making all of these really sweet comments...which was not too out of the ordinary, but I was a little surprised at the time. Then all of a sudden, he dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in such shock—I asked him if he was serious. Of course I said YES, and then he put the most beautiful ring on my finger. When we turned around to head back to the beach club, the entire wedding had been watching our most special moment. The photographer was taking pictures! All of the British women in their little hats came running up to us for hugs and taking more pictures. We even posed with the bride and groom! One of the funniest moments of our lives and absolutely perfect!

Of course after everything happened, I wanted to know how long he had been thinking about this and how he had planned everything. He admitted that he had pulled it all together in just three weeks...what a guy! Needless to say, we were the happiest people in the world and continue to be so happy as we begin our married life together!