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Jennah & Roy featured in the new The Knot Texas magazine!

Jennah and Roy's beautiful wedding is featured in The Knot Texas issue that is on newsstands today! You can also view it online at: http://www.theknot.com/weddings/album/a-bullock-texas-state-history-museum-wedding-in-austin-texas-161786.

We are so proud to have worked on this wedding with these vendors and at these locations:

Wedding Coordinator - Barbara Bailey Gaines: http://www.barbarabaileyassoc.com/
Westbank Flower Market: http://www.westbankflowers.com/
Dolce Salon: http://dolcesalonaustin.com/
Rhea McCarter: http://www.rheamccarter.com/
Invitations - Berings: http://www.berings.com/
Programs - Paper Place: http://www.paperplaceaustin.com/
Illusions Rentals and Designs: http://www.illusionsrentals.com
Rosemary's Catering: http://www.therkgroup.com/cateringbyrosemary/
The Cake Plate: http://www.thecakeplate.com
Icehouse Band: http://www.icehouseband.com/
Transportation Consultants: http://transconsultants.com/
The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd: http://www.gsaustin.org/
Bullock Texas State History Museum: http://www.thestoryoftexas.com/

- Jenn


Altemus & Granger

 Most of all, I remember... When I look back at our wedding day there are three wedding memories that stand out the most in my mind. To begin with, I am so happy that we decided to do a “first look” before the ceremony. It was fun to have a moment to ourselves before standing at the altar in front of our friends and family. Next, was our first dance. Roy and I didn’t take dance lessons (we absolutely needed to), so our first dance was pretty funny and awkward. This is a moment that I am so happy was captured in photos and not on video! The last memory that stands out is the fun we had at our reception. Roy and I loved the band, Icehouse, and had such a fun time dancing with our friends. One of the highlights of the night was when my sister took the stage to play the saxophone and sing a few songs!



Farmer & Reckling

Most of all, I remember... I am not sure if there is one specific moment that made me realize that I wanted to marry Matthew. I am not a girl that always had boyfriends or wanted one, I was fine on my own. But then Matthew and I went on a blind date and things changed. I knew he was special when he blessed the meal on our first date, when he would stay up to the wee hours of the night talking to me, (the night owl), and when we were so quickly able to say I love you. He is the most selfless and caring man, how could I not want to marry him?!

We are both so thankful for everyone who was there to celebrate with us and witness us make a commitment to God and each other! It was a perfect weekend full of family friends and love!

- Caroline



6 Years Ago,Today... Andrea Little & Matt Gentle

Most if all, I remember...I knew there was something different about my and Matt's relationship very early on. It was just so comfortable. The lifetime type of love. Then after about a year of dating his mom passed away very suddenly, and while we were sitting in his car after her funeral he just looked at me and said, "I'm just so sad she didn't get to see us get married." That was the first time either of us vocalized what we probably both felt about our relationship from the beginning - that it was forever. And from that moment on I knew for sure. About six months later he proposed at a restaurant downtown and then he surprised me with an impromptu engagement party with all our closest friends that night.

What I remember from the wedding how nervous I was before the ceremony. I think I was literally shaking walking down the aisle. But when I got to the end and the paster started talking I put my head on my dad's shoulder, looked at Matt, and the most overwhelming sense of joy came over me. I was just so incredibly happy to be marrying this man. I remember the energy I felt walking into the reception and how my girlfriends and I danced through dinner. I remember my family dancing through the entire song of "We are Family" in a big group hug. But most of all I remember how humbling it was to see all the people that took time out of their busy lives to come and celebrate with us and just how special it felt to have all of our favorite people in the world in one room.

Six years ago I really thought that I loved Matt as much as I possibly could. But now I know now that I had no idea just how deep that love would grow. I had no idea how I would get teary eyed just thinking about one minute without him as my partner, closest ally, and center of this life we have created as the Gentles. Six years ago I also thought that having him as my husband was the greatest thing in the world, but seeing him as a father to our two sons brings me more happiness than I ever could have imagined. I am just so proud of him. And I am certain his mom is proud too.



Hughes & Phillips

Most of all, I remember... Cameron and I were neighborhood friends and attended elementary school together at Midland Christian.  At the ripe age of five (or six?), Cameron became my first crush.  He filled my head with dreams of wedded bliss and all that goes along with the idea of what being married is like to a five year-old.  Our time together ended all too soon, however, as my family was transferred (the first of many moves) for my dad's career.  Cameron and I were too young to stay in touch, but every now and then, my parents and I would drive thru our old neighborhood and it always made me think of my "little friend", Cameron Phillips, and I would wonder how he was doing and what he was up to.

Flash forward two decades later to Spring of 2012: I had just moved back to Midland from NYC where I had spent the last two and a half years enjoying life in "The City".  Cameron and I happened to attend the same service at Stonegate Fellowship one evening where we saw each other and instantly the attraction and sparks I felt at age six still flew at age 26.  We started dating and it didn't take long before we discovered that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. What can we say, "when you know, you know...you know?!"

Our wedding day was filled with every bit of fantasy and happiness I imagined it would be. It was a blur, but it was absolutely perfect.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have predicted the events that have unfolded over the year; but they have, and for that I am forever thankful.