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Bulhon & Collins

Most of all, I remember… When we think back to our wedding, there are three memories that stick out the most in our minds. The first is, the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. It is so cliché, but it was amazing to have so many family and friends in one room enjoying toasts, memories and good food! The next is, is getting ready before the wedding with our friends and waiting to see each other. It was such an exciting time. Lastly, we remember the ceremony. This was the part we probably focused the least on during our planning, but we remember being up there during the ceremony together the most vividly. We enjoyed that time and moment together most of all!

-Julia and Vannie


Blake & Leader

Most of all, I remember… I don’t know the exact moment I realized that I wanted to marry Bennett, but I do know that I always had the best time with him, no matter where we were and I knew that I always wanted him by my side. Bennett is my very best friend and who wouldn’t want to hang out with their best friend all the time?

Looking back on our wedding day there are three memories that stand out the most in my mind. The first is the fact that my grandparents were able to attend my wedding, and that was a huge deal to me. We weren’t sure if they would be able to make it, and they did. For that I am so thankful. The next memory is immediately following the wedding ceremony, Bennett and I were escorted into a private room to quickly eat dinner before we went out to mingle and enjoy the reception. I will always remember Bennett unbuttoning his tuxedo jacket and falling down to the floor on his back with a huge sigh and saying, “we did it!!” The last memory is that I almost fell out of the chair while dancing The Hora. It was so much fun and Bennett looked so amused in the photos, while I look completely terrified!

We love married life. We are at the point in our lives now where some big decisions are being made, and we are truly enjoying learning and figuring out the path that works best for us. It is a very exciting time and I look forward to all that lies ahead.



Burke & Bailey - An Anniversary Post

Most of all, I remember… When I look back to our wedding day, above all, I remember how I felt. There were so many emotions, but I guess it could best be described as a euphoric calm—happier and more excited than I’ve ever been, but also calm and confident because I knew I was making the best decision of my life by marrying Geoff (yes, I know how cheesy that sounds).  I will never forget seeing him standing at the altar waiting for me.

I remember walking into our reception and going to straight to the dance floor for our first dance.  It was the first time I really saw all my friends and family and it was so wonderfully overwhelming.  Geoff still laughs that I was a terrible dance partner because I was so busy waving to our guests the whole time.  I just couldn’t help it—when else in your life are you surrounded by all the people you love the most?!

I also remember disembarking from our “getaway boat ride.”  The boat dropped us off at Oyster Landing and we had a short walk to our “getaway car” that was waiting to take us to our hotel.  Unlike our rowdy, full reception, we were completely alone for the first time all night.  We couldn’t believe it was over, and how amazing it had been.  Two years later, I am still overcome with gratitude to my parents, my incredible husband, and all the people who helped make it the absolute best night of my life (so far)!

Most of all, I remember… Standing at the altar and looking into my wife's eyes. I will never forget how beautiful she looked and will never be able to fully explain how overwhelmed with love and appreciation I was.

I remember the hours after the wedding seemed to fly by in a blur, but the minutes preceding the ceremony dragged on for what seemed like hours. I have never been more ready for anything in my entire life than I was to marry Amanda.

I also remember that leaving our reception in a boat was epic. I remember saying goodbye to family and speeding off at 3 miles an hour :)

-Amanda and Geoff


Jennah & Roy featured in the new The Knot Texas magazine!

Jennah and Roy's beautiful wedding is featured in The Knot Texas issue that is on newsstands today! You can also view it online at: http://www.theknot.com/weddings/album/a-bullock-texas-state-history-museum-wedding-in-austin-texas-161786.

We are so proud to have worked on this wedding with these vendors and at these locations:

Wedding Coordinator - Barbara Bailey Gaines: http://www.barbarabaileyassoc.com/
Westbank Flower Market: http://www.westbankflowers.com/
Dolce Salon: http://dolcesalonaustin.com/
Rhea McCarter: http://www.rheamccarter.com/
Invitations - Berings: http://www.berings.com/
Programs - Paper Place: http://www.paperplaceaustin.com/
Illusions Rentals and Designs: http://www.illusionsrentals.com
Rosemary's Catering: http://www.therkgroup.com/cateringbyrosemary/
The Cake Plate: http://www.thecakeplate.com
Icehouse Band: http://www.icehouseband.com/
Transportation Consultants: http://transconsultants.com/
The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd: http://www.gsaustin.org/
Bullock Texas State History Museum: http://www.thestoryoftexas.com/

- Jenn


Altemus & Granger

 Most of all, I remember... When I look back at our wedding day there are three wedding memories that stand out the most in my mind. To begin with, I am so happy that we decided to do a “first look” before the ceremony. It was fun to have a moment to ourselves before standing at the altar in front of our friends and family. Next, was our first dance. Roy and I didn’t take dance lessons (we absolutely needed to), so our first dance was pretty funny and awkward. This is a moment that I am so happy was captured in photos and not on video! The last memory that stands out is the fun we had at our reception. Roy and I loved the band, Icehouse, and had such a fun time dancing with our friends. One of the highlights of the night was when my sister took the stage to play the saxophone and sing a few songs!




Most of all, I remember... I knew I wanted to marry Vannie back when we were nineteen and first started dating. We were at his family's ranch and I barely knew him, but I just knew somehow! We got engaged seven years later over a weekend together at South Padre Island. We had a beautiful (and inedible, since I am still honing my cooking skills) meal by the beach and we had just finished doing the dishes when I turned around for a big surprise!




Most of all, I remember... Bennett proposed to me on the Friday of 2012's Memorial Day Weekend.  There were flowers and a card waiting for me when I got home from work that afternoon...the card said that I should pack my bags for "a long weekend at The Broadmoor!"  We were living in Denver at the time, so this resort was just a couple of hours away in Colorado Springs, and it is such a treat to get to go and stay at such a beautiful hotel.  I was so excited to be going there, and I turned around to give him a big hug and thank him for the surprise trip.  He replied that he "wanted to spend the weekend" with me... then he got down on one knee and continued the sentence with "...and the rest of my life." I cried tears of joy for approximately 45 minutes as we called to let family and friends know that we had just gotten engaged.  I felt as though I was walking on clouds all weekend!  We were so excited.




"Most of all, I remember... I fell head over heels for Tyler the moment I met him. We were Freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. Our paths crossed often throughout our college years. My heart skipped a beat every time I ran into Tyler. It still does! I can't believe my freshman year crush has turned into my fiancé and future husband!"

Tyler recalls: "After college, Meredith and I quickly became best friends while working in Killeen, Texas. We were inseparable. It was during countless weekend trips to Inks Lake and Austin that I became obsessed with the most perfect and beautiful girl.

During the summer of 2011, I invited Meredith to attend my brother's wedding in London as my date. A group of our friends traveled Europe before the wedding and it was in Paris that Meredith and I finally admitted we were crazy for one another, apparently we were the only ones who hadn't realized this yet.

We knew in Paris that nothing could ever separate us. We were meant to be together! We got engaged in Aspen, Colorado on July 14th, 2012. It was perfect! We are so thankful that God put us in the right place at the right time. We are so blessed to have found our perfect match."

 -Meredith and Tyler



Most of all, I remember... It was just before Christmas and Roy had planned a trip to celebrate the end of another year of law school for me. I had left the planning and destination up to him because I was busy studying. When Roy told me, “we are going back to D.C.,” I thought I knew he was going to propose. Washington, D.C. is a special place to us. It’s where we met and fell in love. After college at UT in Austin, I took a chance and moved to D.C. to work on Capitol Hill. Roy was born and raised in Austin, but decided on Ole Miss for college before moving to D.C. to work on Capitol Hill…where we met as coworkers in the same office.

Roy fueled my suspicions about a proposal when he told me that he had something “special" planned for Saturday night that he thought I would really like. I was nervous and excited to see what he had planned, but he seemed completely at ease. We took a cab downtown near the Capitol and he told me that the surprise was just around the corner. The surprise was…he would sit through the musical “Les Miserables” at the theater! I was having such a great time at the show and I let any expectations of a proposal go. I was happy to be in a city I love with the man I love. I thought the almost perfect night was over when Roy suggested we go to the Christmas tree in front of the Capitol to take a picture – a tradition we had carried out during our two years there together. When we arrived, the lights had already been turned off for the night. When we turned to find a cab to leave, Roy grabbed my hand. He looked a little defeated and said, "I'm sorry the lights are already off." And that's when he proposed. Not exactly as he had planned, but it was perfect to me anyway.



Myers & Ratliff

Most of all, I remember...walking down the aisle and having hundreds of family and friends looking back at me with such love, excitement and support on their faces. I remember seeing my family members dancing on the lawn under the twinkle lights. I remember old friends laughing together on the porch. I remember people running towards the chocolate chip cookies and having milk mustaches. I remember I felt so alive as I was dancing with our wedding party on the dance floor. But, most of all, I remember all of the happiness. Everywhere I turned, joy radiated from each guest’s face, and that was my favorite memory.

Of course there would not have been a wedding without a proposal! Brad proposed on a drizzly August morning in Crested Butte, Colorado. He convinced me to take a morning hike among the Aspen trees and wildfires, so we set out in our rain jackets. Soon after, the drizzle turned to a cold rain shower, and I pleaded with him for us to turn around. We stopped for a rest, and I thought he was searching for water. However, he took out a small box. Kneeling with the mountains behind him, he proposed while I shook with uncontrollable excitement. After I said "YES!" we stood there, damp, cold and very happy while the showers subdued. As we finished the hike, I remembered thinking he was able to capture every idea I had ever had about my proposal, but was never able to articulate. It was perfect in its simplicity and sincerity.

-Anne Marie